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Late August or early September we expanding our New Minas location to add up to 20 spaces for local products. You may find local items such as... chocolate, candles, honey, preserves, breads, coffee, soaps, health products, blueberry juice, wine, seasonal fruits/vegetables, etc.

We have coins for sale online at:

We have jewelry for sale online at:

Chain of Jewelry and Coin Stores in New Minas, Halifax, and Bedford (however we are NOT a pawn shop).

Jewelry & Coin Boutiques - we carry a variety of new (never worn) Silver Jewelry (& some vintage), as well as Gold Jewelry (mostly vintage) for sale. All of our stores carry coins & paper money for sale.

What we buy - We purchase Gold & Silver Jewelry, Silverware (Sterling or Plated), Canadian and Foreign Coins & Paper Money, and Bullion. See menu for more details

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