We NOW mail our East Coast Made products throughout Canada. Follow menu on right to “Market Products on-line”

Recent vendors / products added to “The Gift House” (New Minas) & “East Coast Made emporium” (Bedford Place Mall):

- Acadian Maple Products.
- Catered Chefs Seasonings.
- Van Dyk’s Blueberry Juice.
- Johnny Zees’ Only hand crafted dog toys.
- T.A.N. Coffee.
- Seafoam Lavender Farm.
- Nova Scotia Fisherman x-treme skin care.
- Char’s Country Dips, Seasonings, and Balsamic Vinaigarettes.
- Robertson’s Candy
- Thompsons Jams & Jellies
- Hardy Wares Jams, etc.
- Mrs MacGregor’s Shortbread (from Pictou)
- The Naked Pickle
- Silver Jewelry by Rosario
- Monkeys by Monkeys and More coming soon
- Satya Tea coming soon.

+ more items arriving weekly.

New Facebook page coming soon for East Coast Made emporium - www.facebook.com/EastCoastMadeEmporium


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We have 3 locations in Nova Scotia: Bedford Place Mall, Halifax Infirmary Hospital, and New Minas (across from the Ken-Wo Golf Course).

During late September we expanded our New Minas & Bedford Mall locations to add Maritime made products. You may find local items such as... chocolate, candles, honey, preserves, breads, coffee, soaps, health products, blueberry juice, wine, seasonal fruits/vegetables, etc.

We have coins and paper money for sale in-store or on-line at:

Our Silver Jewelry can be found in-store, or follow our Facebook page for to arrivals. Most of our Jewelry is new, however we do carry several vintage pieces as well.

What we buy - We purchase Gold & Silver Jewelry, Silverware (Sterling or Plated), Canadian and Foreign Coins & Paper Money, and Bullion. See menu for more details

Follow the menu bar on the right.

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